Business Plans & Strategy for Capital Raising, Technology Commercialization & Launch

“Sylvester is an excellent communicator, advisor and teacher. He was very helpful to me by advising and helping to craft a business plan and PowerPoint Pitch Deck, and he has continued to offer great advice at difficult decision points. I strongly recommend him as a business consultant.”

Ira Sanders, M.D.
President & Owner
Piasek Biotech, Inc.

(Raised Series A & Series B venture capital financing.)

“Mr. Di Diego is a detail oriented professional who has great depth of knowledge and understanding in business planning. He clearly understands what kind of a business plan is needed for investors. I genuinely appreciate his assistance and highly recommend his services to other early stage companies seeking funding.”

Tervinder (Terry)
Chief Executive Officer
Tachus Technologies, Inc.

(eMarketplace. Technical engineering organization, offers obsolescence (DMSMS) management solutions and services to telecom, computing, defense and aerospace, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, medical, semiconductor, industries.)

“Working with Sylvester Di Diego of Strategy Dynamix helped clarify some business direction and turn our plan into solid action. It was not just a strategy session but also a learning experience.”

Heath Ahrens
President & Founder

(Pioneer of Text To Speech (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR) software technology. App converts text to natural sounding voice recognition online.)

“Whether you know your business or think you know your business,
Strategic Planning sessions with Sylvester will help validate your business assumptions, uncover opportunity perhaps overlooked, and force the assessment and possible correction of your strategy.”

Seth Tropper
President & Founder (& serial entrepreneur)
Switch2Health Corporation

(eHealth patented activity tracking wearable & social gaming web platform technology for exercise promotion & obesity reduction. Successfully expanded product offerings & markets globally. Exit by license to Fitbit.)

“We worked with Sylvester after attending his comprehensive Business Plan strategy seminar. Sylvester assisted us integrating our diverse product portfolio into a cohesive story. His insights helped us crystallize how these products could be unified most effectively under the umbrella of our Company’s technological platform. He is conscientious, responsive and demonstrates a very impressive work ethic. Most importantly, his critical eye helped reduce our time to getting a business plan to completion! Thanks, Sylvester!”

Linda Sharkus, President
AcquiSci Inc.

(Awarded “Best Life Sciences Company Award” at Venture Fair of NJTC.)

“Sylvester Di Diego provided outstanding assistance for our Business Plan Revision Project, including designing and facilitating executive sessions for technology commercialization. I would definitely recommend him to other companies for strategic planning and related projects.”

Janet George Murnick, Ph.D.
President & Founder (& serial entrepreneur)

(Awarded numerous state grants.)
(Voted “Best Green Company” at Venture Fair of NJTC.)

“With his previous extensive business planning and development experience, Mr. Di Diego has done a great job in helping us to develop our business strategies. I highly recommend his sessions to any startup business executive.”

Qing Liu, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder
3D Biotek, LLC

(Awarded USA & Chinese grants. Established manufacturing in New Jersey & China. Signed distributor agreements with Sigma-Aldrich & other global distributors.)

“Had the first meeting with potential strategic investor last Friday which went very well – they complimented our Business Plan and said it was the reason we were invited in. We have been invited to give a PowerPoint Pitch Deck presentation to their Board in two weeks – they are interested. Thanks Sylvester for helping us revise our business plan.”

Chris Constantine
Senior Vice President
Maritime Solutions, Inc.

(A clean water technology company.)

Alignment of Owners & Workforce for Strategy Execution & Operations Improvements

“Our company was at a crossroads in many respects when Sylvester Di Diego designed and led an executive retreat. Sylvester refocused us on a clearly focused plan of action that is transforming the company. The retreat also reenergized the relationship among the three partners. We now stand shoulder-to-shoulder looking forward rather than staring at each other. There is no way we would be where we are today without Sylvester who continues to be an invaluable resource to our company as a business advisor.”

Paul J. Alfano, Esq.
Former CEO & Co-Founder (& serial entrepreneur)
Professional Services Company for Property Tax

(Business growth & successful exit through company sale of a Commercial Property Tax Rebate Service Company that competes with Big 4 Accounting Companies.)

“Our company hired Sylvester to assist us in the reshaping of our business from top to bottom. Our experiences with Sylvester were enlightening, enjoyable and very productive. I would recommend Sylvester to any business that needs to take a step back and rethink itself.”

Martin J. Baroff, Esq.
Former Board Member, Owner (& serial entrepreneur)
Professional Services Company for Property Tax

(Business growth & successful exit through company sale of a Commercial Property Tax Rebate Service Company that competes with Big 4 Accounting Companies.)

Leadership Development – Startup

“Our staff have attended many events from Sylvester Di Diego and we have gained valuable information and practical advice from the courses. Sylvester understands how to blend interesting theory with the right amount of hands-on experience. A great experience, both helpful and entertaining.”

Christian Kopfli, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer
Chromocell Corporation

(Obtained strategic corporate investment. Expanded to over 200 employees.)

Leadership Development- Global Fortune 500 Conglomerate

“Sylvester has a talent for structuring valuable workshop sessions and for smoothly facilitating a diverse group of Japanese and American professionals in a global Japanese trading company. His techniques and leadership style create a positive atmosphere for meaningful dialogue. Sylvester generates spirited enthusiasm for company wide promotion of important business goals.”

Richard Lovell
Senior Vice President, Personnel (former)
Mitsubishi International Corporation

(USA subsidiary of a US$200+ billion Japanese global conglomerate Fortune 500. Reinvented leadership training for venture catalysts for improved lead generation and better deal and partner selection.)