Strategy Dynamix, LLC is a professional services firm that assists CEOs, CFOs, and other executives of U.S., Japanese and other international companies to start-up, finance, grow and turnaround their businesses. Clients call upon us to help them to solve problems and improve profitability.

We help to set direction, design businesses, identify resources (people, products, technology, capital, knowledge), and to implement solutions. Our expertise includes collaboration across enterprises, business networks and cultures.

Our approach to business growth:
At critical points in growing a business, companies require more customer revenue, more capital, and high morale to move forward with a positive burst of growth. At these critical ‘growth inflection points‘, we believe that critical elements for successful growth include creative ideas, actionable strategy, best technology choices, meaningful financial capital, best partnerships and inspired human capital.

Our services include Advisory, Market Entry, Operations Support, Sourcing, and Sales Support.

For inquiries contact us at info@strategydynamix.com.