Managing Partner

Sylvester Di Diego. Managing Partner, is an expert of Foreign Direct Investment and global operations with over 20 years experience in the Americas and Asia with funding, starting-up, expanding, digitizing, and repositioning companies in manufacturing, technology, distribution, and service based businesses. In addition to leading the growth of Strategy Dynamix, he plays an active role advising CEOs, CFOs and other executives. Previously, Sylvester held leadership and advisory roles with Scient Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation.

With Scient Corporation – an eBusiness Consultancy and Accelerator in the U.S. and Japan, Sylvester was Engagement Manager and Strategist. He advised Japanese and U.S. executives on funding, designing, and implementing digital projects for business results. Sylvester also served as an expert on Supply Chain and eProcurement.

At Mitsubishi, Sylvester was Assistant to the Chairman and worked to reposition Mitsubishi as a principle investor. He served the Corporate Investment Committee in Tokyo and New York. Sylvester also advised subsidiary Presidents in the areas of strategy, management, finance, marketing and organization to enhance the performance of a U.S. portfolio of 60 companies. Sylvester led Corporate Investment Development in the Americas for industrial and venture businesses across all product groups and established the Mitsubishi Venture Catalyst Program for global executives. Moreover, Sylvester built a $42 million electronics materials business and was on the management team of two transplant start-ups in the U.S. He also designed, operated, digitized, and scaled an integrated global Total Materials Management outsourcing business (source-plan-price-order-deliver-JIT-settle-ship) that increased visibility of materials, money and information flows for cost efficiency and quality improvement. He has led over 20 vendor certification programs of U.S. suppliers on behalf of Japanese companies.

Sylvester is active in several civic and business organizations and speaks to industry and corporate groups on the following topics: business case design, corporate venturing, change implementation, cross-cultural management, customer service, leadership and strategic sourcing. He is proficient in Japanese and has been stationed in Japan for a total of 5 years (covering four tours). Sylvester has a BA from Harvard and was awarded a Michael Rockefeller Fellowship to Japan.